About Lynx Telematics

Lynx Telematics is a Cincinnati based company that manufactures a device that has been proven effective in helping transportation companies manage their vehicles and/ or assets as well as helping with safety compliance issues and lowering insurance costs.

Our three most successful market spaces are:

*Automobile Dealerships looking for a new F&I Product that produces an additional $5-600 per copy.

*Fleet Companies looking to reduce overall fleet operating expenses.

*Parents looking for a teen safe driving device that monitors speed, seat belt usage and texting and driving as well as other poor driving behaviors.

We are an OEM of Lynx Telematics devices and stand behind our products with a lifetime guarantee.

Lynx Telematics is a full-featured GPS fleet location, tracking, and vehicle performance management system offered to our fleet customers. A compact hardware and software unit that is installed in the vehicle and connects to its existing computer and diagnostics systems, Lynx communicates wirelessly via a dedicated and secure connection to a Web-based application that can be only accessed by fleet, safety and driver managers.

Key features of the Lynx Telematics devices include the following:

— Enhanced Mapping Capability: A new map engine provides faster transitions between maps, improved detail, and a “bird’s-eye view” of tracked vehicles with the ability to obtain a street-level perspective in real-time.

— Safety and Savings: Monitor speed, fuel consumption, seat belt usage and idling time. Receive instant alerts for accidents and know that our 24/7 emergency service has already contacted your driver and dispatched help if required.

— Extended Fleet Life. Protect your investment with real-time diagnostics and read outs of what vehicles need specific maintenance, before larger problems arise.

— Multi-Vehicle Following & Route Tracing: Lynx can follow multiple vehicles simultaneously and trace their routes traveled on the map.
— Vehicle History Playback: A history playback capability shows a vehicle’s 90 day history and includes a slider with play and pause options.

— Analytic Reporting: A new analytics capability provides extensive fleet, safety, and travel data for vehicles as well as protect in liability cases.

The expanded analytics, improved mapping, and new interface of Lynx Telematics provide fleet managers with greater visibility and easier-to-use navigation.

Lynx also aids in the administrative and compliance benefits gained from using the system. Drivers love not having to complete paper logs, and our CSA scores [Compliance, Safety, Accountability program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration] are among the very best, with the help of a Telematics device.

Lynx Telematics offers customers the ability to improve the performance of their fleets by continuously monitoring vehicles’ location, mileage, speed, and direction, as well as other key performance and diagnostic data — such as idle time, fuel consumption, average speed, miles logged, and hard braking events and a “speed compliance by street” feature that is unique to our industry.

Lynx Telematics also facilitates regulatory compliance through paperless trip reporting for interstate fuel tax calculations and Department of Transportation Hours of Service eLogs, reports, alerts, and audits for drivers.

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